Cipì - Italy. Design and bathroom accessories

GLASS COLLECTION Admire the transparent elegance of the Cipì glass-decorated accessories: colourful varnishes with Victorian-style motifs; gold, Versailles-style decorations; mirrors and baguette will cast a shiny glow on your bathroom.

METAL COLLECTION With their shiny and hand-hammered metal, the table top accessories of this line will look like real jewels in your bathroom. These products do not need any special maintenance to keep shining forever: just dry them carefully with a soft washcloth to remove water residuals, and they will look as new Both precious and practical, they won’t lose their brilliance over time.

CERAMIC COLLECTION The ceramic line gives a new look to the most classical of the material for bathroom forniture. White stops being its coulor “par excellence” and ceramic turns into a fresh material, adorned with chrome plating, copper-coat, and applied decorations, or shaped according to a rigorous geometry. The brilliance of the porcelain will enhance the beauty of the most basic white and its combination with steel and metals.

RESIN COLLECTION The table top  accessories of the Resin line are as various and colourful, as the pattern of a huge kaleidoscope: with simple and geometric shapes, or decorated with shells and flowers; more classical, coloured in white, or brand new with multicolour glitters. All impact and water resistant, the resin accessories are the “stars”of the bathroom.

STONE AND WOOD COLLECTION Discover the authentic shapes and colours of Nature in Stone and Wood line. Cipì accessories in marble, onyx, fossil wood, teak and suar represent the most “concrete” solution for your bathroom. Thank to those unique and one-of-a-kind pieces any room will stand out!