Cipì - Italy. Design and bathroom accessories

Only soft and natural lines design the shapes of the new Cipì mirror collections. Entirely made in Italy, they all have a thickness of 4mm and they are backlit with LED natural lights 4000/5000 K and equipped with Sensor Touch switching on and off at three different intensities and a very high IP67 safety index. Available in several dimensions and always ready to reflect the beauty of our Wellness room!

All the mirrors are also available in the Basic version without lighting.

Equipped with sensor touch switch on/off system.


Specchio Bean

CP601BEL – Specchio BEAN light 50X110

Misure/Sizes 50X110 cm


Specchio Circle

CP601CL1 – Specchio CIRCLE light Ø 60

Misure/Sizes Ø 60 cm

CP601CL2 – Specchio CIRCLE light Ø 80

Misure/Sizes Ø 80 cm

CP601CL3 – Specchio CIRCLE light Ø 100

Misure/Sizes Ø 100 cm

CP601CL4 – Specchio CIRCLE light Ø 110

Misure/Sizes Ø 110 cm


Specchio Drop Light

CP601DRL1 – Specchio DROP light 60×90

Misure/Sizes 60×90 cm

CP601DRL2 – Specchio DROP light 81×120

Misure/Sizes 81×120 cm

CP601DRL3 – Specchio DROP light 81×130

Misure/Sizes 81×130 cm

CP601DRL4 – Specchio DROP light 85×140

Misure/Sizes 88×140 cm